Team building + ‘After Work’ online: Premium FunApéro for all your employees

We offer private ‘After Work’ sessions for companies that want to mix our fun with their brand spirit. As part of this, you can:
interested? Contact us.

Your own

You love the FunApéro experience and are interested in having your own? Meaning full custom games, full branding, your own subdomain, protected by password or SSO login? We’re sure we can figure something out: contact us

Branded games for everyone to play with

Are you a media outlet, influencer or start-up and would like to add your own games and challenges for everyone to enjoy? Or would you like to livestream your own competition? We’d like that too. Let’s talk about it.

Support us to promote your brand

Support us and we’ll create custom games and challenges to promote your brand. Here are some examples of what this may look like:
And the list goes on, it’s really up to your imagination.


You can also choose to sponsor FunApéro, in which case, during an agreed period of time, we will add your logo next to ours (mentioned as sponsor) and adapt the colours (up to 4) to fit your branding. This will be seen by all our free users!
If you’re interested, please do not hesitate to get in touch.