About us

Be prepared for unexpected conversations, questions you wouldn’t dare ask and hours of laughs!
FunApéro is a new video app designed to help us all have more fun with friends, family and colleagues while social distancing.
It allows you to have private video calls and play games at the same time, with more than 500 challenges and questions to choose from. These are the types of games we all know and love, including for example Never Have I Ever and Would You Rather.
The ‘Apéro’ in FunApéro stands for ‘pre-drinks’ in French: that time of the day when you kick back and relax with friends, having a few drinks to unwind or get ready for a night out. We may not have been able to do this in person for a while, but it’s something that many of us have been trying to imitate via video chat. And what’s better to bring us all closer together (albeit virtually) than some cheeky challenges and games?
With that in mind we created FunApéro; a space on the internet where you don’t need to take yourself too seriously and where you can say anything without being judged. There are no rules, no winners and no losers; you play the game the way you want to play it. FunApéro was built by friends, for friends, with two simple principles at its core: security and ease of use. The message is therefore simple: Just bring the ones you want to chill with, and we’ll take care of the fun.

Online ‘After Work’ for companies

With so many of us now working remotely, the crucial social element of work is diminished; from quick coffee breaks to having lunch together, these are the moments that can really make a difference to our working day.
FunApéro can help bring some of that social time back and replace your Wednesday, Friday or even Monday night drinks (who are we to judge?) with some virtual fun. We would love to work with you to create a custom, private FunApéro for you and your colleagues or employees. For more information, check out our Partnership page or get in touch at contact@funapero.com
During these unprecedented times, we can help you bring your team together in a fun, challenging way. And with remote working only set to become more common in the future, you can rely on FunApéro to keep your virtual socials fun, exciting and unexpected!